DM - A college student faces 15 years in jail after she allegedly sprayed bleach into her roommate’s iced tea. Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, 19, was charged with felony poisoning and appeared in court on Wednesday. She reportedly told police that she had put chemicals in the drink following an argument about cleaning the dishes with her 20-year-old roommate Emily Joseph. Miss Joseph was taken to hospital for treatment but later released. After she filed a complaint, Bonkowski was arrested. The 19-year-old ‘verbally admitted’ to police that she put bleach in the drink because ‘Joseph is mean’, according to ABC. She was arraigned on Wednesday at 2pm before posting $2,000 bond. She entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of poisoning a food, drink, medicine or water supply. The college student faces up to 15 years in prison.

Hey bitch if you don’t want Arm and Hammer mixed in your Lipton’s it might not hurt to pick up the sponge every once in a while. Maybe if you Swiffered the floors and kept your shit a little neater you wouldn’t be sitting in a hospital with a tube down your throat getting a Bronchoscopy during finals week. Seriously this is basic instincts of survival stuff. You’re living with a new person you don’t know in college. For every cool roommate you get that’s gonna be laid back and chill with all your stupid idiosyncrasies there’s gonna be that many more like Kayla Bonkowski who will straight up try to poison you to death if she has to stare at the crust from your Celeste pizza sitting on a plate one more time. Tidy the fuck up.