Source - Thieves made off with an estimated $340,000 in jewelry from Miami Heat star Chris Bosh’s home while he was out celebrating his birthday. Miami Beach police say Bosh called them about 12:30 a.m. Thursday after he and his wife returned from his well-publicized party at South Beach’s Bamboo nightclub.

The couple noticed a jewelry drawer was open and numerous watches, rings and purses were missing. Police say there was no sign of forced entry at the Bosh home. Also some easily recognizable items such as Bosh’s Heat championship ring were left behind. Authorities are interviewing housekeepers and checking anyone else who may have had recent access to Bosh’s home. Bosh was celebrating his 29th birthday.


I cannot get enough of Chris Bosh’s misfortune. Every new story is like the first day of Summer. The Like A Bosh videos, the breaking down and being unable to walk while crying in the tunnel after losing to the Mavs, his wife fucking almost-dead rappers, his shit getting robbed on an inside job on his fucking birthday. Just great stuff. It’s like they’re re-making Trading Places with Bosh playing Winthorpe and Micky Arison and Pat Riley are the Duke Brothers systematically ruining his life for the fuck of it. Next his house will be foreclosed, his woman will leave him, his name will removed from the championship banner. And just when it can’t get any worse some homeless Cuban guy living in the slums will move into his house and take his roster spot and Bosh will have to move in with some whore in the ghettos of Miami. Then Riley will pay Arison $1 for winning the bet and they’ll keep the Cuban guy for the fuck of it because everyone likes him more anyway. Shit sounds Oscar-worthy.