After watching this I am absolutely baffled that Joey Crawford or Dick Bavetta haven’t been mauled during an NBA game. Like these Crazians were losing it over a meaningless Chinese basketball game. You know who the best player in China is right now? Stephon Marbury* or Yao Ming sitting down in a wheelchair with his polio legs. Washed up has beens who can’t play in the NBA. Their games mean nothing. Meanwhile Joey Crawford has done everything from dance like kangaroo during foul calls to ejecting Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench in the greatest basketball league on the planet and gotten off scot-free. And Dick Bavetta is legally blind at this point I’m pretty sure. Dude was born in 1939 for crying out loud. You know how old the average person born in 1939 is? Dead. That’s how old. Yet somehow they’re both still kicking around totally fucking up every game they ref. Doesn’t make any sense.

PS – Pretty sure even Chinese people can’t tell each other apart anymore because that just looked like a gaggle of random Asians swinging fist at each other. Stop breeding you maniacs you’re hitting the wrong guy!

*NO CLUE if this is true anymore. They erected a statue for the guy though so I’m guessing it can’t be far off.