Chicago - Rapper Chief Keef won’t have any shortage of real life drama to pull from when he writes his next record as the 17-year-old rapper is already being sued for child support by a girl who’s still in middle school. The unidentified girl filed a petition for child support in Chicago and claims Keef impregnated her in 2011. She’s since given birth to a baby girl. According to the documents she currently attends a Chicago middle school. While her current age is uncertain, she could have been in 8th grade when she conceived the child but its also possible she was as young as in 6th grade. Keef – who’s real name is Keith Cozart – was 15 at the time.


Crying in court and statutory rape, that’s what Chief Keef does!

Have yourself a week, bro. I mean I’m not a PR expert or anything but I’m fairly certain that knocking up a girl 2 years ago whose still in Middle School today is probably about the worst way ever to repair your image after crying in court and denying being a gang member. By the time this dude gets out of jail he’ll be a fucking grandfather in his early 20′s settling down with his family. That was a sweet few months of positive publicity about finally being rich and dropping an album though. That’ll look good on a Harold’s Chicken resume for sure.