What a bunch of clowns in Cleveland huh? I guess this clip aired live during the game and then they scrambled to take it down when the game got replayed a few hours later. Hey good one guys! Way to protect that key demographic. You know, the 18-35 year old guys who watch taped replays of meaningless Spring Training games and just hate the fuck out of watching lesbians throat each other. Wouldn’t want to shove that in anyone’s face.

Weird thing is I would kinda get it if it were gay dudes. Like obviously it’d still be wrong to censor but I would at least understand where they’re coming from since 99% of the people watching are straight guys. But whose complaining about chicks kissing? It’s not even a “It’s 2013″ thing. It could be fucking 3000 B.C. and I don’t think anybody would have a problem with chicks making out at a baseball game. Throw a bunch of lesbo’s in the Roman Colosseum and I bet Commodus throws that thumbs up so fast he pulls an oblique muscle. Just whacky times we’re living in.

PS – For the record there was nothing more annoying than Facebook crusaders posting Supreme Court gay marriage stuff yesterday. Everyone and their brother coming out of the wood work acting like they’re on the front lines. Hey idiots, we all agree. Only backwards thinking lunatics still think gay people shouldn’t get married. Get your ass to Washington and march and get off my news feed.