SourcePolice say a 21-year-old woman tried to run over her instructor with her car after she failed her driving test. The incident happened earlier this month at the BMV testing site in Mayfield Heights. The woman failed her test after she hit a cone. The instructor said the woman kept yelling, “Why didn’t you tell me what I was doing? Where else can I take my test?” She then blamed the mistake on her instructor.  When the instructor got out of the car, the woman tried to run her over.  The instructor barely got out of the way. The woman is said to have been driving a white Hyundai with temporary tags. State police are investigating and plan to contact the woman.


Thought I was done making fun of chicks today but the hits just keep on coming. I mean this is a typical chick move in every way possible. I mean first of all obviously this girl bombed the test. Not tough to see that coming from a 21 year old who still doesn’t have a license. But the best part is her screaming “Why didn’t you tell me what I was doing?” Sweetheart you’re driving a fucking car. That’s why you’re here, taking this test, right now. Your instructor doesn’t start then tag you in like you’re the black dude in the Dudley Boyz. All you had to do was not hit a bunch of shit and you hit a bunch of shit. And not for nothing but you’re probably gonna get an extra 15 point deduction for trying to commit vehicular manslaughter at the end there. Can’t hit the cones and you can’t try to run people over. That’s an automatic failing grade every single time.