SourceChicago Public Radio is launching a campaign for its 2032 Membership Drive by telling listeners to “Go Make Babies.“ At WBEZ, we tell interesting stories that appeal to interesting people. And just by navigating to this website you’ve proven that you’re an interesting person. A seeker. A member of the Curious Class. And we want more of you. That’s why we’re asking you to do the city a solid, and begin to procreate immediately. We’re asking you to do it. For Chicago. And for the next generation of WBEZ listeners.

Not to get all up in radio’s face or anything this is kind of a desperate measure, no? Like membership drives are already pretty humiliating. Kinda brings it to another level when you beg people to start having kids in the hopes that anyone will still be listening to your product in 20 years. It’s kind of like the radio equivalent of a bearded homeless vagrant that smells like shit and Steel Reserve pissing himself and asking you for 40 cents, and then that bearded homeless vagrant gets your 40 cents and says “Great, now go home and fuck each other so in 20 years I can get 40 cents off your kid”. I mean that’s basically what’s happening here right? And people wonder why shit like this is falling out of favor with the general public.

PS – I think I’m in favor of a strict “No more children” law after seeing this video Mo posted earlier. Seriously, let’s just take a rest from having kids for a couple years and come back to it later: