Chicago Sun Times - In a refrigerated room in the heart of the Fulton Market District, one man  sculpts the head of the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama — in butter. Unsalted. “You can’t get it as fine with salted butter — it tends to crumble,” explained the artist, Bob Kling, as he pressed a lump of the yellowy-gold stuff into the president’s still-evolving face earlier this week.

Kling’s butter work is expected to wrap up Friday morning, after three days laboring inside a meat wholesaler’s cooler. That’s when Mathew Wilson and Adam Brooks will begin pushing the finished Obama bust, which is about 1 1/2 the president’s actual size, through the Loop in a commercial, glass-fronted cooler toward its final destination — the Chicago Cultural Center. Why Obama and butter? No pat answers from Wilson and Brooks, two Chicago-based English expatriates who specialize in quirky, thought-provoking performance art that explores the meaning of “the everyday.”

Kind of sick of every artist in the world desperately trying to seek approval for their work under this guise of making something “thought provoking” and “cultural impactful”. Like these dude’s claiming that the Obama butter face is a piece of “performance art that explores the meaning of the everyday”. Hey guys fuck you, no it isn’t. It’s the President’s head shaped out of butter. That’s it.

PS – Nailed it: