Bubba touched on this but he completely undersold it, this hovercraft makes no sense for 1 reason. Why would anyone play golf when they can ride around in a Hovercraft? Once you put me in a hovercraft I’m staying in that hovercraft for the rest of time. Fuck getting out every 175 yards (yeah I drive the ball 175 yds, kinda impressive right?) to hit my ball. Its hovercraft and then nothing else. So this is completely impractical. It makes no sense. No one golfs in a hovercraft. You hovercraft in a hovercraft. It would be like having sex and stopping every minute to read a book. You don’t do the best thing in the world and then stop to do something else. Hovercraft beats everything. Hovercraft is basically the apex of civilization.


I will say one thing, I wish Rodney was alive for this, he loved mixing golf and technology.



I’m starting to get a little over Bubba Watson and his golf bro’s whole schtick. Not there yet, just saying we’re trending that way.


h/t dan