DM - Television presenter Justin Lee Collins was today pictured laughing hysterically after he was found guilty of harassing his former partner. The 38-year-old subjected Anna Larke to sustained emotional and domestic abuse during their seven-month relationship, a jury at St Albans Crown Court heard. Earlier in the trial, jurors heard how he made the video games public relations worker write down in a notepad all her previous sexual encounters regardless of how graphic. The court heard that Collins made her sleep facing him, throw away DVDs because they featured actors she found attractive and made death threats against her.

Judge John Plumstead sentenced him to carry out 140 hours unpaid work within the next 18 months and he was also ordered to pay £3,500 in prosecution costs. The judge told him: ‘This is humbling work for somebody who lives a prominent public life but the very humility that the manual work should induce will make you pause and think about what you have done. You’ve had a successful career and led up to this time a decent life. ‘It would have been very much to your credit if you had had the courage to admit your violence against Ms Larke and for that you will pay the price.’ The judge described Ms Larke as a ‘vulnerable woman’ and said Collins’ crime was a ‘very serious matter’.

Britain is so dumb it’s not even funny. Just scratching their skulls trying to wrap their heads around why this guy was laughing his ass off after being found guilty of harassment. Oh I don’t know Britain, maybe because this chick looks homely as fuck? Like seriously she looks like a dead person. Nobody is harassing that. Or could it be that he thinks it’s hysterical that anyone finds what he did offensive? I mean look at these charges. That’s criminal behavior? You can’t force a girl to tell you the nastiest thing she’s done with another guy anymore? Can’t make her throw away all of her DVD’s that feature actors she’s attracted to or drop a death threat every now and then? Well what’s the point of having a girlfriend? You can’t just go around unknowingly dating some whore whose crushing on Orlando Bloom or Eric Bana and expect to maintain any level of self-respect. Can’t have it. Gotta step in and call the shots and maybe threaten her life if she wants to leave you. It’s the only way to take control of a relationship in our hyper-sensitive society nowadays. Plus the dude’s a comedian. Life’s a beach babe. Lighten the fuck up.