Note – I know the majority of people probably don’t care who coaches Wisconsin Football but guess what, Brett Bielema leaving Wisconsin today for Arkansas right before the Rose Bowl deserves a response. Besides, getting angry and going on rants is awesome. That’s what makes life enjoyable.

Bret, I’ve been holding this back because you were the coach of my football team but you’re fat. You’re fat, and weirdly shaped, and ugly. Everyone thinks it but no one has said it. And I’m not being petty or trying to be hurtful, I’m just stating Fact. People think you’re gross, it’s true.

“We at the Big Ten don’t want to be like the SEC—in any way, shape or form.”

-Bret Bielema, April 2012

I’m actually not the type of guy who gets pissed when a coach leaves. Coaches do this all the time. Unless you are a destination job (Kentucky basketball, Alabama or USC football etc) you should never be surprised about your coach leaving. But leaving before a bowl game is a dirtbag move. Straight up. And you know why I think Bret Bielema left Wisconsin? I think its because he’s scared. He is scared of Urban Meyer. Straight up.

Arkansas is not a better job than Wisconsin football. Yeah its in the SEC  but I’m talking about money, popularity, facilities, alumni base, everything. Wisconsin is a tier above. And yes Arkansas has to play Bama and LSU but everyone expects Arkansas to lose those games. Petrino was LOVED at Arkansas and do you know what his record was against Bama and LSU? 2-6. He never beat Alabama because he wasn’t expected to beat Alabama just like Bielema won’t be expected to beat Alabama.

But Wisconsin is at a point now where they’re expected to beat Ohio State. 3 Rose Bowls in a row. Back to Back Big Ten Championship game wins. That’s a different expectation and Bielema ran from it. That’s a yellow belly move if you ask me. He basically took the easy road out when shit was about to get more difficult. And you know what, fine. I don’t want a pussy as a head coach anyway. I want a guy who wants a challenge. Not a guy who is fine finishing 3rd in the SEC every year. Fuck him. Have fun losing close games with HORRENDOUS clock management Arkansas. That should be blast.

This man coaching Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl is the biggest no-brainer of all time. Give the people what they want.