ESPN Chicago - Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall called the matchup Sunday against the Green Bay Packers ”the biggest game of my career,” and considers it “personal” to face a team he invites to cover him man-to-man. Rather than credit Green Bay personnel for limiting him to two catches for 24 yards during a Week 2 Bears loss at Lambeau Field, Marshall called Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers “their player MVP,” adding he doesn’t respect the players “talking about how awesome a job they (do) shutting down players” when the group often double-teamed the receiver in the first meeting. ”I had this game marked since we played them last. I heard exactly what the corner Tramon (Williams) was saying after the game,” Marshall said. “(Charles) Woodson, those guys do a lot of talking. Coach Capers did an amazing job of game planning us and game planning me. I didn’t beat double coverage and triple coverage or whatever they were throwing at us. I take it as a slap in my face when guys talk about my lack of ability to do something against them when they have help all over the place.” ”I’m not going to use the word hate,” Marshall added, “but I really dislike the Green Bay Packers and their players.”

First off this is a great sign for the Bears. Like I know everyone on the Packers is probably used to shit like this and people bringing their best for them but B-Marsh legitimately may be the scariest professional football player on the planet not named Ray Lewis. By all indication he’s turned into a real good dude off the field but he’s a monster out there and a straight up fucking beast. And he’s put up his insane numbers this year while staying most level-headed on the field. Doing his job, working hard, beating coverages and finding open spots. But there hasn’t been a game like this. The first match-up with Green Bay was big but it was also Week 2. Now he knows what to expect. He felt the rivalry, he heard the trash talk, he knows there’s guys lined up on the other side that want nothing more than to repeat what happened earlier in the season. Point is, the Bears are at a make or break point in their season. They can still control their destiny and get in, but they have a huge hurdle that’s standing in their way. Having B-Marsh get hyped and ready to rip Tramon Williams’ head off and punt it 60 yards down the field for some shit said like 3 months ago is exactly what you want out of your star offensive player. Sunday can’t come soon enough.