So Feits and I joined KFC and the Puerto Rican Puff Daddy last night for a little Podcast/Web Chat.

We talked about hanging out with 4 sassy black women. How each Barstool writer may die. Lube/Dry Hand when masturbating and a hell of a lot more. Basically every question to life you’ve ever want answered in just under an hour.

I think I’ll be joining KFC and Feits more often, maybe even every week, so Chicago Stoolies and members of the Bad2TheBone crew, start calling in and asking questions. The number is 646-80-STOOL 646-807-8665. Get drunk, call in, ask any questions you want and if they’re good they will for sure get played.

Oh and the badass poster in the background? That’s a Queens of the Stone Age poster. Yeah its fucking sweet as hell, I know, that’s why I bought it.