I feel you bro

What an emotional bag of poop that was. We were pretty much in the drivers seat for most of the game and then completely shit down our leg to the likes of Matt Cassell. It really doesn’t get much worse than losing to a two win team when you’re fighting for your playoff lives. Surprisingly though I still thought the Bears did many things well yesterday. They just couldn’t get things right at the right time’s though and that’s ultimately what doomed them.

I’ll start with the good:


Is Alshon Jeffery an elite Wide Receiver yet?

I got crushed on here about a month ago when I said that the Bears now had two elite wide receivers in Marshall and Jeffery. I was just honestly curious to see what you guys think about that now? Not even trying to be an “I told you so” asshole either, I’m just genuinely looking for some feedback. Jeffrey has had some growing pains this year i.e. the big drop in the Detroit game but if you don’t think he is something special after watching some of the catches he made yesterday, than you’re crazy. The kid has a bright future and it’s going to be awesome watching him the next few years.

In an unbelievable trick scheme of events the Bears defensive line seemed to be able to execute a stunt

Wow, it’s amazing how much pressure the Bears defensive front was able to provide by using their tackles/ends in a twist stunt. They were in Ponder’s face all game and as you seen it ended up being too much for him to handle. Peppers had an unreal game and has been playing exceptional the past few weeks, after a slow start. Wootton batted down quite a few passes and I never realized how mammoth Jeremiah actually is. It was shitty that they were apart of allowing 200 plus yards rushing but it was refreshing to see them actually battle with an opposing line, rather than just get pushed around.

The Bad

The #32 defense in the league held the Bears to 20 points

While it was the defense that crumbled when we needed them most, I thought they played well enough for the Bears to win. The offense on the other hand did not. Scoring only twenty points on the Vikings is just bad. Especially when you consider the two touchdowns came on two game breaking plays, and not on a consistent drive. McCown had another solid game but it clearly wasn’t his best. The tipped shuffle pass that Long fumbled was a very questionable call by the quarterback.

Gould missing the field goal in overtime

The guy doesn’t miss much so I’m not going to sit here and rip him by any means. It’s a kick he probably makes 9/10 times but just shanked it a little bit yesterday. In the end it though it was bad and that’s why it’s under this category. But, if you’re a Bears fan with hard feelings for Robbie you’re an idiot.

The Ugly

Why do we suck in short yardage situations?

This is the number one question right here folks. The Bears were stuffed not once but twice on the one yard line when they had a chance to put it on ice. This ultimately gave the Vikings the ball back and put it into the hands of our defense. Something we know we NEVER want to do this season. Sad part was everybody including myself was putting the blame on giving the ball to Bush and not Forte, but this wasn’t the issue either. The Bears need to somehow turn Long into an even meaner motherfucker in these scenarios and run it straight up his ass.


Awful. Just absolutely down right shameful to let the Minnesota Vikings pull off a drive like that with your backs against the wall. I don’t even know what to say about it. It was just like watching your new basketball roll into the street and get run over in slow motion, but ten times worse. Everybody was just so wide open. Such a waste of a decent defensive effort they showed all game, based off this one sorry drive.

That’s pretty much all I got. Bostic need’s to relax. Greene bailed him out but you have to figure out a way to handle yourself better. Especially if you’re letting teams run for 100+ yards every week. I also felt besides the poor tackling angle on Patterson’s touchdown run that Steltz actually didn’t play too bad. Where things go from here for the Bears, who knows? Don’t even want to talk about how we still have a chance right now. I know technically we do but after suffering brutal losses to the Rams and Vikings I just am not going to think about it. Just need to get after it in practice and somehow beat the Cowboys on MNF and see where we are then.

Bear Down.