Just like that the NFC North is all tied up at a whopping 7-6 record. Big Cat’s title said it best yesterday by it being just a thorough assbeating of the Cowboys. The Offense was just phenomenal. It was the first time in Bears history that they didn’t turn the ball over or have to punt in a game. Just all Bears. Not too much more for me to say on this one. Just have one point to bring up and will throw in some observations I made.


Is it outlandish to think that Lance Briggs is the key to turning this whole defense around?


It might be, but boy will he improve our defense tremendously. Believe it or not but our defensive line does actually look like it’s making strides. So far the Ratliff signing has looked successful as I think he’s played well in both games. The pass rush is still far from where it need’s to be but at least Tucker is starting to throw in more blitz packages to throw off opposing quarterbacks. The rookies Bostic and Greene have been this defense’s weak spot ever since they took over. They’re just playing too much off of reaction and not reading anything.  Over pursuing , biting on every play action, not staying home in their gap you name it these two have done it. Lance Briggs is a multiple time pro-bowler and has been the best player on this defense for the past 5 or so years. If there’s any hope at salvaging this run defense it’s on #55 returning…and that he can somehow help Bostic pull it together.


- What a night for McCown. There were a few times that he was a bounce away from an interception but besides that just an all around spectacular game from our backup quarterback.

- Forte saw the ball a lot. The glue to the offensive game is having Matt Forte involved in both the running and passing game. They did just that with Forte picking up 102 on the ground and 73 in the air. We even saw a decent performance out of Michael Bush which was very refreshing.

- Offensive Line played stout all game. Dallas is clearly not very good but they handled what was in front of them and that’s all you can do.

- The Bears were 8 of 11 on third down conversions. Something we’ve been struggling with big time if you haven’t been paying attention.

Things still aren’t perfect obviously but the Bears stepped up to the plate in a must win game and they deserve credit for that. Where things go from here it’s hard to tell. Here’s a look at the Bears and Lions upcoming schedule:


Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.23.44 PM



Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.33.27 PM


The Browns proved last week against the Pats that their no slouch and Philly has looked pretty strong as of late. Baltimore is the only team left that has playoff potential on the Lions schedule, which is a good thing for them. In the end though all you can do is go out there and win. If the Bears win these next three than I think they will be fine. Bring on the Browns.

Bear Down.