TribuneIf Jason Campbell was looking to compete for a starting job, he might have found the best possible opportunity, signing a two-year contract with the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday. Campbell has 71 career starts since he was drafted 25th overall by the Washington Redskins in 2005, including stints with Oakland and last season in Chicago as Jay Cutler’s backup with the Bears. “Jason is an established leader who has started a number of games in this league and has had success,” said first-year head coach Rob Chudzinski. “He brings us a veteran presence and a good set of physical tools. He played in a similar system when he was in Oakland and that will help in his transition.”


I kinda like the way the Browns attack free agency. Fuck all the boring scouting stuff like looking at and studying game tape, doing in-depth break downs of a player’s strengths and weaknesses and analyzing his skill sets. That shit’s played out. Just take a bunch of scraps, throw em against a wall and hope something sticks up there. Oh you think it was a mistake drafting a 45 year old rookie Quarterback in Brandon Weeden last year? You think he sucks dick at playing in the NFL? You think we’re embarrassed about missing the chance to draft Russell Wilson 2 rounds later? Well fuck that because we’re bringing in Jason Campbell and having ourselves a good old fashioned shoot-out in training camp. Winner gets to chuck the rock to Kellen Davis all season who couldn’t catch a cold in an AIDS clinic. That’ll show the haters. The march to New York starts in Ohio baby.