Big Cat’s Note – Intern Ed texted me saying this was going to be a little late because the Burger King in Carbondale blocked Barstool. Which mean I think my intern might work at Burger King for his day job. This is troubling.

Alright I’m not even going to lie to you, I’m sick and tired of this cock tease football already. As much as a I love analyzing fourth string NFL hopefuls, I want to see Cutler play four quarters and I want to see it now. But, unfortunately we still have 16 long days ahead of us before we get to watch Peppers makes the Shermanator his bitch. Obviously this doesn’t mean all is wasted tonight because there are absolutely quite a few guys who could use more live game reps before we take on the Bengals.


OFFENSE: I really don’t know if there is anything more to say at this point. Trestman has already stated that Jay and Co. will be getting all the reps in the first half. Now, this is a good thing because it will be their first time being able to find a real groove without trying to rush any certain kind of play. So watch the offense get more comfortable with this system and most of all for the love of God I don’t want to see anyone get carted off that field and have to go to an Oakland hospital. I can only imagine what one of those look like after a game night with all of those savages.


ROOKIES: Most important part of the game easily is that Mills, Long, Bostic, and Greene are going to get a half full of reps. It’s a good thing for all of these guys to get more comfortable especially Long/Mills because it’s so important to have trust and rhythm with whoever lines up next to you or else you’re going to have one big clusterfuck. Also hope Bostic keeps whacking and doesn’t start thinking about how to hit “cleaner”. If he keeps laying the wood like that his pockets might be a little lighter but he will instantly become a fan favorite and make sure our strong tradition at linebacker never misses a beat. Greene took a minor step back last game, hopefully that was just a hiccup and he can flash some more of the skills he showed in the Preseason opener.

Besides that watch for all the stuff I’ve put in my previous blogs such as Wootton vs. Shea, Second TE, Frey, etc.

Also Jaws saying Kaepernick could be one of the greatest Quarterbacks of all time is asinine. Go have another drink old man.

Bear Down.