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Alright you ungrateful pieces of shit, here’s your goddamn comments of the week.  Every week I try and make up a new excuse to give Big Cat to why I can’t write the COTW because I don’t have the attention span to dig through a weeks worth of blogs in one sitting.  This week I switched it up a little bit to limit the constant bitching you guys do each Friday when this feature comes out and took screenshots of each of the comments I chose.  Ha! Papa Doc’d your asses… Or something like that.  Anyways, here you go, you dickheads.

- Note – These are in chronological order, most recent going first.


1. Blog: Pam Anderson, I Still Would



Picture 14Commenter: neilsdad

“I walked into my sons room and he was ravaging his prick to this.  I hope he gets a job soon”

This was probably my favorite comment of the week on BS Chicago.  I literally haven’t said one word to Neil since he called me to tell me he was “leaving barstool”.  Got me wondering if he has found work or not.  If anyone is friends with him on Linkedin or some shit let me know what he’s up to and tell him I said ‘sup.  Thanks.

Commenter: crosbysbrain

“They could have Obese Loser Week instead, and just follow around whitesoxdave.”

Picture 15

Ha fucking ha.  Really funny.  It had a good upvote/downvote ratio and I have a quota to fill, so I guess this will have to do.

3. Blog: Guess that Ass


Picture 17

Commenter: thisguyrighthere

“I would give myself 20 papercuts in between my fingers and kick an aluminum door with toothpicks in my toe nails just to smell the hand of somebody who had touched that sand that week”

This comment didn’t have that many upvotes but I don’t give a shit.  It’s hilarious and it’s true.  I’d dwell in her toilet with my mouth wide open.

4. Blog: Ronnie Woo Woo Chillin Behind Enemy Lines


Commenters: Whiteboyswagg, mrpresident, pubes, and on

Comments: cotw 1


Only can Stoolies turn a blog that’s about Ronnie Woo Woo into a conversation about how many times they’ve jerked off that day so quickly.  Had me loling all over the floor.  Good work.

5. Blog: Caption Contest



Picture 16
Commenter: mouthbreather
“@imtough laying in the grass with @derpjihad on the camera”
HANDS DOWN the two worst commenters in the game.  They’re a complete disgrace to the commenting profession.  It’s not that they’re not funny at all (which they aren’t) but they are so fucking annoying.  I swear to God every blog I click on, imtough is the first to comment.  Get a fucking life bro.  Rant over.
Commenters: darrenmcordd and haterade1
Picture 11
I was just as pissed as anyone that Prez didn’t run for Mayor, believe me.  Not because of the complete mockery of the political system he would have made, but because we didn’t get any more videos that featured the Boston guys at Barstool HQ ripping Weird Haircut Seth, the best ancillary personality in Barstool history, to complete shreds.  Oh, and another jab at imtough.  Fuck you imtough..

7. Blog: Subtle Racism by ESPN in the LLWS

Commenters: danyoungman and ayoungvinbaker

Picture 12

No sir it won’t, danyoungman!  If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times.  Making fun of people that are different will never get old.


8. Craigslist Ad of the Day

Picture 18

Commenter: wood bat

“Big Cat would’ve responded and made another A+ blog, Pres would’ve asked the chick for money, KFC isn’t athletic enough to sit on a beach chair with a hole in it.  Mo would have ended up banging the chick, killing her, then stuffing her in his trunk.”


This was technically on a Boston blog, but I don’t give a shit.  The KFC line had me laughing my gunt off.  Hands down the comment of the week in my opinion.

Go fuck yourselves,