Worth the whole watch. Punches fly a little before 2:00

Couple things. First off, hate to say it but the cripple deserved to get clocked. Kid was getting real rude in there plain and simple. No table manners whatsoever. Can’t just keep yapping in someone’s face calling them a pussy and gesturing at them and making fun of them without expecting it to bite you in the ass at some point.┬áJust because you got the chair doesn’t mean you’re immune to get knocked out.

But the other side of the coin is that this was a rap battle right? Well what the fuck was the Asian kid waiting for? Uh dude, your opponent is literally a crippled kid. I know nothing about rap battles but I’m pretty sure any mediocre rapper worth his salt would be able to demolish a kid in a wheelchair like non-stop for hours. Hate to break it to you bro but maybe this rap battling game isn’t for you.

The lesson, as always, is don’t rap unless you’re a black person or Eminem.

PS – Handicap kid wheeled over to get a look at the carnage immediately huh? Professor X type shit.