Listen I wasn’t at the game last night. I have no way to really know what everyone was thinking on that play. Yeah the crowd definitely got a little louder after the whistle. But there’s a couple facts that have to be brought up before the talking heads on ESPN and everyone else starts exploding about how terrible the fans were at the UC for cheering LeBron’s injury last night.

First, LeBron is probably the best fast break finisher in NBA history. He’s absolutely unstoppable. If he’s in front of the pack you won’t be able to catch him, and I would rather beat my parents unconscious with a crowbar than take a charge with him barreling towards me. He’s a dominant physical force in every sense of the word. Second, Nate Robinson is 5’9″ maybe and 180 pounds soaking wet. On an NBA court he is a shrimp. So for him to step in and stop what was for sure going to be a MONSTER dunk is a big deal. Add in the fact that Lebron didn’t bounce right back up and that would make any crowd go nuts. The little guy toppling the giant? David banging with Goliath and throwing him off? That’s the type of effort that can change the course of the game. So of course the crowd got behind it and went crazy. I mean Lebron goes harder at the rim than anyone and has never had a serious injury in his career. There was no way anybody at the UC thought Nate Robinson of all people was the one that busted his ankle apart. They were cheering the effort, period.

And don’t forget that Lebron has milked faux injuries his entire career. It’s part of his game. He over-reacts to a play, and then he keeps the act up to mask the over-reaction and sell the “injury”. He’s always done it. So that’s why everyone was booing him as he was bent over his knees. It’s the same old song and dance with him. And he proved it by not only staying in the game but playing just fine 5 seconds later. No part of his game was affected.

Of course I can’t speak for everyone and there’s always some people with more sinister motives: