So this video is making the rounds today. Some whack BMX rider trying to jump over the Grand Canyon on a fucking bicycle and  burying himself in the ground at 30 knots. They’re saying he walked away but if you’re buying that for a single second you’re a fool of the highest order. One million percent chance paralyzed. Straight up John Locke legs pre-Oceania 815. Noodle city.

PS – Is this Red Bull’s thing now? They just sponsor ridiculous events that have no chance of actually working?  I mean in addition to this guy we’ve also got that douchebag trying to skydive from the Moon or wherever the fuck he is now just making excuses like a Sally and backing out all over the place. Hey guys just go back to making cartoon commercials that suggest you can fuck chicks if you drink Red bull and be happy raking in all that money for a drink that literally does nothing.

PPS – Helmet cam of this dude just made me puke all over my computer. I’m such a pussy.