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Fan Duel has been teasing me week in, week out with these insane amounts of cash that are up for grabs. Literally catch myself day-dreaming hours on end every day of the week thinking I’m going to take this thing down. Last Sunday I was about 80% sure I was going to be a millionaire and win the $3,300 first prize and Robert Griffin III laughed in my face, slapped me across the mouth and crushed my dreams. Total no-show. Just brutal.

Luckily Fan Duel is putting up the same amount of cash for playing this week as they did last week so I can try and redeem my entire season picking teams. Officially staying in insane money territory every time we do this:

$15,000 in winnings being given out to the top 32 finishers. $3,300 to the winner.

$50 fee to join in.

332 slots available, and you can pick up to three teams.

As always, no Thursday games. Sunday and Monday only.

If you still haven’t signed up, take one look at this prize break-down and then click the links to sign up.

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