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Source - Over 10 mothers gathered at Northwoods Mall Saturday afternoon to show their support for breastfeeding in public. The protesting mothers began standing outside of Hollister in the mall at 3 p.m. They cam equipped with signs, strollers, and hungry babies. The “nurse-in” comes after a woman in Texas claimed she was asked to leave a shopping center because she was breastfeeding. She says she was feeding her baby discreetly in front a Hollister when she was told to stop, and go away.

“We’re protected by state law and we want to make some awareness in the community and let people know that this is a normal thing,” said Elizabeth Ohair-Estrella, who took part in Saturday’s protest. “Great for the babies, great for mothers.” Saturday’s nurse-in was held at Hollister stores throughout the nation.

Looks like a fucking party!

Not even kidding I think a meet-up group of breastfeeding mothers is maybe the worst, most annoying gathering of human beings on the planet. I’d rather sit through a Tom Arnold and Rosanne Barr sex therapy session than be within 500 feet of a gaggle of self-righteous Moms with their tits out that feel discriminated against. I mean I don’t even know what these broads are complaining about in the first place. Some bitch in Texas was milking her kid in front entrance of a Hollister and an employee asked her to move somewhere else? Uh what’s the problem? That sounds completely fucking reasonable to me. Hollister’s a goddamn retail store not a nursery. There’s about a gajillion other places that offer more privacy to feed your kid than the most popular store at a mall. Bottom line is the chick who complained was complaining because she wanted attention and this army that supports her is holding their nurse-in for the exact same reason. All they want is to feel special for doing something natural that nobody gives a shit about. It’s like holding a parade because you masturbated today. Just so asinine.