SourceWhen airport security found a bottle of liquid in the woman’s carry-on luggage, they informed her that she’d either have to immediately drink or dispose of the liquid. The woman tipped back the small bottle and drank its contents, but security became suspicious when she refused to swallow. The woman eventually spit out was she was holding in her mouth: tadpoles! She told security that they were a gift from a friend she had been visiting while in China, but she was eventually convinced to discard of the small animals.


Wait a second. So this lady refused to swallow her drink of water before boarding a plane and it turned out there were tadpoles in there? Like inside here mouth swimming around? And she received them as a gift from a friend so she didn’t want to throw them away? What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? If my friend gave me tadpoles as a gift I’d hold them down and squish them up against their face. That is a terrible gift to give somebody. Like thanks a lot bro, now I have to look after and care for these spermy looking frogs for the next few years of my life. Sweet. Oh but first I have to throw together a makeshift aquarium in my fucking mouth so these assholes can swim around while I’m on my flight. As if flying could get any worse. Now my skull is a fish bowl for the next couple hours. Yeah fuck that how about I just re-gift this immediately, roll these suckers up and throw a 2-seam frog ball at your face. Fuckin’ dick.