Source - Torrance, Calif., police have arrested four family members of a Chicago-based shoplifting crew believed to be responsible for dozens of thefts nationwide. The four family members were arrested this week after they arrived in Southern California to appear in a Santa Monica court on shoplifting charges. Torrance undercover detectives identified the group after a theft in the city and then conducted a surveillance operation.

Investigators watched as they allegedly shoplifted items from Apple stores throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Torrance Sgt. Robert Watt said the crew would enter a business while some distracted the staff and acted as a barrier. The women would slip the items — typically hard drives — into their baggy clothes. Detectives believe in three years, the family has snatched about $3 million in merchandise from small technology stores and massive retailers.


3 years on the run. $3 million in stolen merchandise. Must have been a pretty sophisticated operation right? “The crew would enter a business while some distracted the staff… The women would slip the items into their baggy clothes.” Woah! What a bunch of innovators! Seriously don’t you kinda have to quit your job as a detective or a cop if you’ve been chasing these guys down for the past few years? This isn’t DeNiro and Kilmer ripping bank jobs in “Heat” with machine guns and months of meticulous planning. This is some bro walking into an Apple store and making small talk while some hood rat chick stuffs iPad’s in a Fubu jumpsuit. I did that same shit in convenience stores as a kid trying to gank Butterfinger bars and got caught every single time. These idiots walk into a store with the most expensive technology in the world and Boom they’ve got $3 million bucks in their pocket. Kinda makes you think shoplifting is a pretty lucrative business.