[Source]A former freshman at Port St. Lucie High School is suing Port St. Lucie high School math teacher Meri-Ann Johnson. The teenager’s lawyer, Gloria Seidule, said he claims last year, he was repeatedly exposed to sexually inappropriate behavior in Johnson’s ninth-grade math class. “An algebra teacher was using sex talk as a ‘teaching tool’,” said Seidule. In a printed conference summary with last year’s principal, Johnson signed off on an admission that she made an inappropriate remark regarding nudity, and that she put her shoe on the student’s desk.

Seidule said her client, the former student, said Johnson said, “How about if I get naked?” Seidule said the student alleged Johnson “simulated” a strip tease in front of the classroom, and took off her shoe, and walked over and and slapped it on the top of (the student’s) desk.” The summary shows Johnson admitted to using a sex reference explaining an algebraic concept, explaining the X + Y intercept, and the student alleges she also responded inappropriately after he requested to go to the water fountain. 

“She responded, ‘How about if I pour this water over my body and you can lick it off of me,’ and then proceeded to simulate a sex act with the water bottle,” said Seidule. “There should be a zero tolerance policy of anything sexual in the classroom. The teacher should have been immediately removed from the classroom.” ”If it’s even suspected, it should be reported to law enforcement,” said Seidule. “Any sexually inappropriate comment should not be ignored. It is our contention that the St. Lucie County School Board is creating an institutional culture of ignoring very serious signs of potential sexual abuse by a teacher.”

This has to be the most bizarre thing I’ve read in a long time. A 9th grade bro losing his mind and suing the shit out of his chick algebra teacher for simulating strip teases, slamming her shoes on his desk, pretending to pour water over herself, asking if he wants to lick it off and apparently fake-blowing the water bottle. Uh, hey kid, what the fuck is wrong with you? You were literally living the apex of every high schooler’s dream. In my 9th grade algebra class I literally would’ve let my teacher take her shoes off and slam her heels through my cerebral cortex and left me bleeding out like a vegetable instead of listen to her drone on about monomials and complex equations and shit. Meanwhile yours is pounding on your desk seeing if you want to lick her tits and maybe get a blow job after class. How awful! Pretty sure I would’ve popped an erection that splintered the chair in front of me in two if that happened in 9th grade. Maybe at your new school there’ll be an aerobics room where you can watch Ellen and dance around like a lesbian for a half hour instead of learning from horny broads that wanna get naked and bang you. Grow up.