I already know there’s gonna be some Internet tough guys in college looking at this video and going “Big whoop, gramps only did 10 seconds. I could do that multiplied by a million”. Well let me share with you a story. Keg stands are a young man’s game. The older you get, the more dangerous that shit becomes. When I was in college I thought I was the truth when it came to keg stands. Thought I was God’s gift to Earth and women because I could be held upside-down by my feet and drink a river of booze no problem.

Well you know what happened to me and all my potential? I was at a party post-graduation and some chick put out an open challenge to anyone to beat her in a keg stand competition. Naturally I step up thinking I can still throw heat and this girl literally almost gave me brain damage. She walked straight up, got lifted in the air and threw a 55-second spot right in my eyeball. Should’ve walked away right there but thinking I was special got me in trouble. So I take my turn and about 20 seconds in I legit black-out and fall straight down to the ground directly on my face. Came to in a totally different room with 3 people trying to give me water and shaking my shoulders to make sure I was okay / alive. My head felt like somebody had taken me out back like Rosemary Kennedy and lobotomized the front side of my brain.

And I haven’t done one since. Haven’t even thought about it. Instantly retired, hung it up and moved on. So if it wasn’t impressive enough that this 80 year old bro is still alive, it’s 5 times as amazing that he’s still lingering around, getting lifted and shitfaced like a college kid. Deserves all the applause and admiration he’s given by everyone in that video.