Source - Police were investigating a crash Thursday morning that involved a car driving into the front door of the 7-Eleven convenience store on Mercer Street in Somerville. This marks the sixth time a car has driven into the same building, according to the store’s manager, who says thousands of dollars have been spent making repairs over the years. Just after 9 a.m. Thursday, the driver of the vehicle apparently meant to slow down, but hit his accelerator instead of his brakes when entering the parking lot, according to Danny Batel, the 7-Eleven manager.

Batel said he thinks cars keep crashing at his location because the store does not have any yellow poles out front separating the parking lot from the building. Batel said he’s been in the store every time a car has driven into the location. “It just keeps happening,” he said.
Drive through my 7-11 store once, shame on you. Drive through my 7-11 store twice, shame on me. Drive through my 7-11 store SIX TIMES and maybe it’s time to pack it up and look for a better piece of real estate, eh Mr. Batel? “It just keeps happening”. Yeah no shit! Jesus dude you’ve been inside six out of the six times when a fucking car drove through your store and almost killed you. Take a hint bro.
Danny Batel the Indian 7-11 Store Owner is like that dude at the bar that just can’t figure out that the chick he’s hitting on isn’t interested. He gets rejected, walks over to the bar, orders two more drinks and stumbles right back to the scene of the crime. Then she rejects him over and over and over again or in this case gets behind the wheel of a 4-door sedan and barrels through the front entrance of his store into a pile of Taquitos. Just give up, go home and jerk off/stop owning a Final Destination 7-11 store you nut.