Source - Police are still investigating how a 12-year-old girl from Taylor, Michigan, came to possess a backpack stuffed with $20,000 in cash. According to local police chief Mary Sclabassi, the unnamed Sixth Grade Academy student had brought the backpack to school with her and had been handing out large sums of money to her classmates when she got caught by school officials. “Had word gotten out to maybe someone other than some other 12-year-olds, it could have put her in a dangerous position,” Sclabassi said.

Though police have released few details concerning the source of the ill-gotten gains, they would say that the girl had apparently received the backpack the night before from “another child who lives across the street.” The money has since been returned to the neighbors, but police, who refuse to name any of the people involved, say the investigation is ongoing.


You know who this sucks for more than anything? The kid who found this in his parents house and gave it to his friend who brought it into school. That kid is in for a fucking ass-whooping the likes of which have never been seen. And yeah I know his parents eventually got their money back but they’re fucked now. Police officers literally had to go to their home return $20k in cash to them. Um  talk about awkwarddd. Unless you just really have a thing against banks there are zero legitimate reasons to have bags full of $20k cash. Zero. $20k is cash is crack, heroin or hooker money one million percent of the time, every time. So way to go kid, you probably just sent your parents to jail and wrote your own ticket to bottom of a hole in the ground at the damn time.