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Atlanta Hawks CEO Releases Hype Video for Opening Night With T.I. and Drops A Fo’ Shizzle Right In His Face

Well this is PR 101


Well this is PR 101. If your old owner just gave up his controlling stake in the team for sending racist emails and your GM had to take a leave of absence for saying Luol Deng “has some Africa in him,” you’ve gotta fix your image. Build up bridges. Let the people know that you’re hip and understand the African American community. You know what should do the trick? Early 2000′s rap phrases that no white person has ever sounded cool saying. That’s probably the ticket. Finger on the pulse of Atlanta fo’ shizzle, Steve.


P.S. TI’s face

Definitely wondering if Koonin was about to drop a “ma nizzle” afterwards and he was gonna have to have him drive by’d

By sobol posted October 20th, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Chili’s Cook Fired For Taking Topless Pictures In The Kitchen And Trying To Start A “Sexy Cooks Of Chili’s” Trend

That's called thinking outside the box




(Source) A Chili’s cook has been fired after posting pictures of himself posing shirtless in the restaurant’s kitchen. He posted them publicly on Facebook that show him shirtless in the kitchen of the Chili’s on Lithia Pinecrest Road in Valrico. A concerned customer of the Chili’s on Lithia Pinecrest Road in Valrico discovered the publicly posted pictures of the man who calls himself Justin Speekz.
He labeled the pictures “Sexy Cooks Of Chili’s” and even tagged the restaurant in the post. In two of the pictures he’s lying shirtless on a table where food is prepared. ABC Action News confirmed Justin is a cook at the Chili’s. “That is a little disturbing,” Cindy Colon said of the pictures. She tries not to think about what’s in the kitchen when she eats out.
“In some things I think ignorance is bliss,” she said. “If you know what is going on, I don’t think you would ever eat out to be honest with you.” We showed these pictures to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the agency that regulates restaurants. It said there did not appear to be any violations in the photos because no food was being prepared.  After seeing the photos, the Chili’s in Valrico passed a surprise inspection with no critical violations. 
A Chili’s Bar and Grill spokesperson said in a statement, “Chili’s clearly does not encourage this type of behavior in our restaurants. We maintain very high standards of food quality, safety and cleanliness and took immediate steps to ensure the restaurant continues to follow these requirements. Additionally, we ended this team member’s employment after learning of his conduct.”
And this is why America is going into the toilet. Not because of technology, or reality television or any of that shit. We’re fucked simply because the entrepreneurial spirit this country was founded on is dead. What was Justin Speekz doing wrong? He had his shirt off in a kitchen? Do you know how much gross shit goes on in a restaurant kitchen? This is absolutely nothing. All Justin was trying to do was increase the brand. Sex sells. Sexy chefs sell even more. So fuck this narc Cindy Colon. Get off your fucking high horse and realize you’re eating at Chili’s. This isn’t a 5 star restaurant. You’re not at a French Bistor. It’s Chili’s, a place you go for bottomless chips, boneless buffalo wings, and extra large Margaritas. Know your surroundings and stop taking life so seriously lady. There are too many Cindy Colons, running around tattling on everyone, and not enough Justin Speekz in this world. That’s the biggest issue with our society.
Most of these restaurants put the calorie count on their menu now. I put down a solid 4k plus yesterday at the Chili’s in Jacksonville while watching the Bears game. Felt pretty accomplished. Probably consumed a shit ton of pubes too, whatever, that’s the price you pay when you eat in the chill lounge.
By Big Cat posted October 20th, 2014 at 12:15 PM

NFL Monday Morning Rewind – NFC




Incoming, brass balls.



The Games…



Titans 17, Redskins 19


Kirk Cousins got benched for Colt McCoy (yes he still plays football) which means RGIII officially has his job back when he get’s healthy, and he knows it.





If you think you have 3 viable quarterbacks you probably have no quarterbacks.




Busted again. What’s with the DMV and taking creepy pictures this weekend?




Hey white guy who looks like the other white guy, what’s your name again?



Seahawks 26, Rams 28    

Holy shit does Jeff Fisher have a set of balls. First we had the Dave Toub special. Easily the best play of the weekend.





Wish I could have crawled into hank’s brain for that one.




Then we had Jeff Fisher calling a fake punt on 4th and 3 from his own 18 up 2 with a little over 2 minutes left in the game. Don’t convert it and you lose.




But that’s just what you get when you’re the Rams and you sort of already lost, because you’re the Rams.  


Definitely getting a post game blumpkin




Also special shout out to the Seahawks for being the “team to ruin America’s tease” for the second week in a row.


Dolphins 27, Bears 14      


We all know about this game by now. The Bears suck. The offense sucks, the defense sucks, the coaching sucks. They suck. But what we didn’t know is that Martellus Bennett boo’s at movies. Who the fuck does that?



If I had a radio show that would be the biggest post game story for me. It would also be the least listened to radio show of all time.        



Saints 23, Lions 24  

I have something crazy to say. Are you sitting down? Ready? I think the Lions are actually for real. Yesterday the Saints lost in a Lions fashion and the Lions did what good teams do. They played tough D, they don’t make too many mistakes, and take care of opportunities at the end of the game. Yup, I think the Lions are legit, and in no way was this an intentional jinx on Detroit. Nope, not at all.   The game also came down to this Drew Brees interception with 3:10 left in the game. Take a sack and it’s 26-16 Saints. Tough go for the Saints.




All black everything.  




In case you didn’t know





Panthers 17, Packers 38


Panthers bro picked the wrong team.




I at one point in time thought the Panthers would actually be good this year and their Defense would be tops in the league. That’s on me.




Classic Packer fans, spilling condiments everywhere.




Giants 21, Cowboys 31


I’ll take my lumps with the Carolina statement but I’ll also gloat about saying the Cowboys would be in the playoffs after a 1-1 start. They’re for real. Why? Because they actually run the ball.


If you took Demarco Murray off the Cowboys and made him his own NFL team he would be 4th in the league in rushing. That’s incredible.




And yes, of course bye weeks play into this but Demarco Murray also set the record for most consecutive 100 yard rushing games to start a season at 7, as in, all of his games.


And not only that but A-Rod was at the game and getting in everyone’s way too! (This fact actually has nothing to do with Demarco Murray)




When your Defense is getting torched every week you probably shouldn’t help the quarterback in pre-snap reads. Just a thought.


All stats aside we know the Cowboys are good again because Jimmy Johnson is back to making weird noises.

By Big Cat posted October 20th, 2014 at 11:43 AM

NFL Monday Morning Rewind – AFC

Let's get to it.

Splitting these in two from now on to hopefully limit the amount of app crashing.



Elway is always watching…..



The games.



Falcons 7, Ravens 29


Craziest part of this game? The Ravens had 3 turnovers to the Falcons 1. Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan had virtually identical numbers. Yet if you watched this game it was never in doubt. The Ravens pummeled the Falcons. 17-0 at half. 20-0 after 3 quarters. I guess that speaks to how bad the Falcons truly are. Even when they aren’t awful, they get killed. Bad news for Mike Smith and the “let’s get tough” guys.


As for the highlights, we have 2.


Steve Smith Sr. proving yet again that you shouldn’t fuck with him.



And Baltimore’s finest. Got it!


Read the rest of this entry »

By Big Cat posted October 20th, 2014 at 10:50 AM

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly; Bears Vs. Dolphins Recap

Lot of ugly



Awful. Absolutely awful. The offense struggled to move the ball once again and the defense made Ryan Tannehill look like Dan fucking Marino. What is going on, man? There is just no way this team can be that incompetent right? I literally refuse to believe it and if that makes me delusional than so be it, but I just don’t get it.


The Good

-Jeremiah Ratliff was the game ball if they do those sorts of things for losses. He had 3.5 sacks (a career high) and bailed out the defense in some very big spots. You know it’s a pretty rough day when your lone bright spot is a 33 year old defensive tackle. Need Rat-Man to take some of these other guys under his wing and lead the charge.

-The defense as a whole did a decent job. The amount of points don’t tell that story necessarily, but if you watched the game you saw how many times they were stuck with awful field position by the offenses turnovers. The lone bad part that really stuck out was how bad they defended the read option. It’s more than mind bottling to think that we held Cam Newton in check but Ryan Tannehill served us our damn lunch.


The Bad & Ugly

-Now let me make this clear. The Dolphins have a damn good defense. I will not take that away from them at all as they deserve credit, but I refuse to believe that this was the best effort our offense could come up with.

There were so many things that were bad that I don’t know exactly how to go about it so I’m just going to start listing shit off.

-Two 5’10 corners came into our house and completely shut down the BEST wide receiver duo in the NFL.

-Matt Forte had TWO carries in the first half?

-More on the play-calling? I’m not one to get down on play calling mid-game but am one to rather review how the rest of the game played out to look back on where a mistake is made. 3rd and 1 bomb to Jeffery? Can we re-do that one?

-Yet ANOTHER interception because of miscommunication?

-Then after that turnover you just say “Nah, fuck it somebody else will tackle him”. 50 something yard return? Give me a damn break.

-Cameron Wake is clearly one of the best in the game no doubt about it, but Mills has not looked pretty this year. I’m not calling for his head but he’s gotta get better. We didn’t have these issues last year.


-Where in the world did you learn how to hang onto the ball Dante Rosario? He made a nice catch earlier in the game and then completely spoils his performance with that awful fumble.

That’s all man. I’m too sick to name anymore. Especially when you think about how Philbin made a poor decision to punt before half. Then you think about the missed field goal and the blocked one. They gave us so many chances to hop back in and the offense just never grabbed its nuts to take us back in it.

As far as the locker room “drama” goes, I think it’s a good thing. I mean it’s pretty much all we’ve got to be hopeful for right? That this wakes all of there asses up and they somehow salvage this season.

I love our guys. I love the Bears, man. They are fucking Chicago and everything it stands for, but this one hurts.

As Marshall said: “Unacceptable”

Bear Down.

By Ed posted October 20th, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Are People Actually Shocked That Peyton Manning’s Little Keep Away Charade Last Night Was Pre-Planned?

Of course it was planned


(Source) So that’s how it went in the Broncos’ 42-17 blowout. The quartet gathered around Manning and hot-potatoed the Canton-bound football beyond Manning’s reach, with the quarterback gator-arming at each pass and aw-shucking into the cameras. Fans roared in laughter, television analysts swooned and Manning silently delighted in his ruse. He scored twice on one play. It might have been the most Manning moment in history.

“He actually planned that himself,” Demaryius Thomas said with a smile, drawing chuckles from a collection of half-surprised reporters. “He came to me, it was either Thursday or Friday. [He said], ‘If anybody scores 509, this is what we should do.’ “So he came to me and said, ‘Keep the ball away, hop-scotch or whatever.’ “I was like, ‘Cool.’ “So we got everybody in on Friday and we practiced it, and it happened tonight.”

There you have it, a perfect little cocoon of Manningocity, dovetailing with all the other yarns and tales about his obsessive genius. Of course Manning prepared the light-hearted celebration. This is who he is. The slant of the spoon in his oatmeal comes with a plan. What more did anyone expect?




Am I the only who watched this live last night and thought the entire time that it was staged? I woke up this morning and this is the thing people are talking about from the Broncos game last night. Peyton Manning broke the record and oh my god, his celebration was rehearsed, can you believe it??? No shit it was rehearsed. Peyton Manning is a robot. A robot that was put on this earth to throw touchdowns and star in a million commercials. You thought he was going to be able to do something off the cuff? Get out of here. Peyton probably had this all rehearsed before the season even started. His life is a playbook. Has been since day 1. Ask him what he’s having for lunch in 2 weeks and I bet he has an answer. Pey Pey has it all planned out, and that’s why he’ll go down as one of the greatest QB’s of all time. Guy’s brain is football 24/7/365. He’s not a real human.




How awesome would it have been if the ref threw a flag for group celebration? Needed Joe Crawford to be an NFL ref for one day. He would absolutely have made that about himself.

By Big Cat posted October 20th, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Brandon Marshall Goes On Post Game Tirade, Gets In Alleged Shouting Match With Robbie Gould And Jay Cutler, Fun Times!!!

Unacceptable is apparently the word of the day






And we’re off. The fallout from yesterday’s loss should be an awesome time today. Brandon Marshall showing his “leadership” by screaming and yelling at teammates then spending the post game doing a Terrell Owens esque interview where he said the word unacceptable roughly 20,000 times. And I agree with him, that loss was unacceptable. 3-4 is unacceptable and so is being 0-3 at home, but honestly, what the fuck was this? I want the players to care, I want the losses to hurt as much as it does for fans but this was so stupid. Brandon Marshall is pissed off because Cortland Finnegan ate his lunch yesterday. He’s mad because his numbers are down. Maybe this was an intentional interview to motivate Cutler? I don’t know, they obviously have a very tight relationship through the years. But from the outside looking in, for a fan with no access, this doesn’t seem like a great way to lead a team. Getting in front of a microphone and going on a tirade, yelling at the kicker, who is a pretty well respected guy in that locker room, yelling at your quarterback, it just seems like it’s all for show and is wildly unnecessary. And People warned us that this would be coming from Brandon Marshall if things went south, well here’s your first glimmer of it. 3-4 is bad but what this team is heading for with a date against the Patriots and then the Packers could be a hell of a lot worse. The wheels could be rapidly coming off the truck here, there’s no sugarcoating it.




Oh and I don’t want to be “that guy” because I’m a firm believer that players should get to do whatever they want with their free time, but there is something inherently backwards with Brandon Marshall talking about unacceptable performances and how this team has underperformed when he spends every Tuesday flying to and from New York for his Inside the NFL show. Does any other player in the league do something like that? Basically work a full day every week in a different city than the one he plays in? Don’t think so. That type of hypocrisy seems pretty unacceptable if you ask me.

By Big Cat posted October 20th, 2014 at 8:40 AM

The Bears Stink

What else do you want me to say?

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.28.19 PM




That’s just about all you can say after what happened today. The offense looked out of rhythm. The Defense made Ryan Tannehill look like a young Michael Vick/Joe Montana hybrid. The play calling was bizarre (2 runs for Forte in the first half when the Dolphins strength is their pass rushing???). The field was it’s usual crap. Just an all around shitty, awful day. Full team loss from top to bottom, start to finish. And of course, come tomorrow morning I’ll have talked myself into the season not being over because that’s just who I am. I’m a positive guy by nature. But right now, the Bears stink, straight up.



Oh and this should be fun….


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.25.45 PM





Taking a late flight out of Jacksonville so that I could sit at a Chili’s bar by myself and watch the Bears be awful was a GREAT decision. At least I now have 3 more hours to kill at the airport, good times!


By Big Cat posted October 19th, 2014 at 3:32 PM
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