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Game of Thrones Signs on Two More Pornstars to Play Prostitutes on the Show

That's what I call casting

Samantha Bentley

English porn star Samantha Bentley, 26, in aTwitter selfie. Bentley was cast in season four of the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Jessica Jenson

British porn star Jessica Jenson, 23, in a Facebook selfie. She recently was involved in the production of Game of Thrones series three, working as an extra.

NYDaily – Game of Thrones just got even hotter. Two British porn stars have reportedly been cast to play hookers in the hit fantasy drama. Jessica Jensen, 23, and Samantha Bentley, 26, were signed up for the steamy roles after impressing bosses with their X-rated movies. The duo follows in the footsteps of fellow UK adult star Sahara Knite, 39, who played prostitute Armeca in the smash show’s first two seasons.

“Game of Thrones was nothing like I’m used to but I got on with the job. It was a great honor,” Jensen, from London, told The Sun. ”I have a small role in an episode — I can’t give much away. It was exciting rubbing shoulders with the cast. Everyone was really nice,” she added.


So this isn’t the first time GoT has done this, but I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. They’ve found a model and it freakin works. Why bother finding an actress who looks like she takes dick for a living when there are real life sluts all around us? Just pornstar city up in this bitch. Only question is do they have a real casting couch for these girls and if so, are they totally confused? Like they get in there and just start trying to blow Tyrion  and he’s like, no we seriously need to run through the linesss….. ooooohmpa loompa doompa dee deepthroat! Just wild.

P.S. I respect the hustle but these broads are a little beat up. Maybe look into a little August Ames or Dillion Harper action if we’re going down that road.

By sobol posted April 18th, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Bulls Vs. Wizards Preview

The playoff stars really aligned for the Bulls in the end. It’s crazy that we were able to avoid both the Heat and Nets in Rounds 1 and 2. With that said though the Wizards are no slouch. They have some nice pieces, and should have some fire in their belly with this being the [...]


The playoff stars really aligned for the Bulls in the end. It’s crazy that we were able to avoid both the Heat and Nets in Rounds 1 and 2. With that said though the Wizards are no slouch. They have some nice pieces, and should have some fire in their belly with this being the first playoff appearance in six years.



Guards is a little bit of a tricky spot to match up in this one. It’s clear as day that a Wall/Beal combo trumps a Hinrich/Augustine/Butler trifecta when it comes to shear basketball talent. Wall has really come into his own this year shooting the ball much better but more importantly being smarter with the basketball. Beal has really come on as well complimenting Wall very nicely. The main thing about this match ups is Wall/Beal better be ready to earn every bucket in this series because Butler and Hinrich do not quit on the defensive end. The Bulls whole defensive game plan is going to be based off the guard match up’s and it’s going to be interesting to see if the Wizards young gun’s have resiliency to keep firing. It’s going to be really interesting to see how Thibs handles D.J and Kirk’s minutes because Augustine’s scoring is going to be much needed. Don’t sleep on Andre Miller either. At 38 years old he’s been around the block before and will stop the Wizard’s from making dumb turnovers. In the end when it comes to match ups talent trumps hustle.






This one is almost a toss up. Journeymen Harrington/Gooden don’t scare me but Carlos Boozer guarding anyone is scary. With that said though it’s already happened but look for Taj to really come into his own in this series. At this point in their careers he’s better and more athletic than both of them and Nene. Those three can put the ball in the hoop though which is all the more reason why it’ll be the Taj show this series. The person who does create problems though is Ariza. I’ve always been a fan of his game and quite frankly don’t know how I feel about MDJ matched up with him. That’s why I think we’ll see a lot more minutes than anticipated out of Tony Snell and view him somewhat as an X-Factor for the Bulls in this series. Another route I see Thibs is going with a heavy DJ/Kirk/Butler 1,2,3 matchup to be able to defend Wall/Beal/Ariza while having DJ’s offense to boot at the same time.




(But it’s slight)



Look I’ll keep this short. I like Marcin Gortat. He’s a big serviceable body that can bang on the boards. But, Joakim Noah is probably going to be first team All-NBA and Defensive Player of the Year. He’s the heart and soul of the Bulls and has put them on his back all year long. Gortat’s fat head is going to be spinning once Noah’s at the top of the key running the offense. This one’s clear as day.






Another one I’ll keep short. Thibs is the best coach in the NBA who’s name is not Popovich. Two years in a row he’s had this Bulls team playing way above their potential. Thibs probably knew the in’s and out’s of every potential match up before we knew we had the Wizards’s. The Bulls will be ready to play. Oh, and Randy Wittman has a career record of 191-329. That’s not too good Randy.




The Wizards are a team trending up and have a backcourt core that can do damage in this league for years to come. In the end though they aren’t where they need to be in their NBA career’s yet to take over this series. The Bulls defense is too good and way more battle tested.


Bulls in 6

By InternEd posted April 18th, 2014 at 1:50 PM

If You Were Ever Curious What It Would Look Like For A Regular Guy To Face A 94 MPH Fastball….

Good hack



Something along the lines of this…






Seriously, worst swing ever. 3 year old playing wiffle ball taking underhand pitches swing.

By Big Cat posted April 18th, 2014 at 1:31 PM

Rob Ford Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign By Holding An Owl, Works For Me!

Lets Go



 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks during the kick off of his re-election campaign at a rally in the city’s north end April 17, 2014. Ford, who made worldwide headlines last year after admitting binge drinking and smoking crack, has been



Annnnnd we’re BACK! Easily the most important election of my life. Just think about what’s at stake here. This is 4 more years of Rob Ford being an absolute Boss. This is 4 more years of this.



And this.



And this



And this




And this



You get the point. This is important, very very important. So let’s go out there and help him win this thing! (sit back and do literally nothing but laugh).





Also, if I’m rating re-election campaigns I’m giving Rob Ford kicking his off by staring down an Owl an A+. Makes zero sense but I love it.



By Big Cat posted April 18th, 2014 at 12:05 PM

Game 1 Recap: That Sucked

  That was a brutal way to start the series. Hawks had the game slip right through their fingers at the end and then the Blues proceeded to punch us all in the gut. The entire city of Chicago is dragging today. I forgot how much playoff hockey effects my productivity. Even though the Hawks [...]

blues celly game 1


That was a brutal way to start the series. Hawks had the game slip right through their fingers at the end and then the Blues proceeded to punch us all in the gut. The entire city of Chicago is dragging today. I forgot how much playoff hockey effects my productivity. Even though the Hawks didn’t get that 4th goal they needed, there was a lot to like last night. Nobody ever said this series was going to be easy and the Hawks just need to win one in STL. Get the split on Saturday and take care of business at home.



–Welcome back indeed. Coach Q said that Kane was 100% ready to go leading up to Game 1 and Q played him has such. Kane had 28:31 TOI which is just a couple of shifts off of the pace from Sharp and Hossa. Great finish on the breakaway and Kane had some nice moments, but he also didn’t look completely comfortable out there. He was a tad hesitant at times and not as explosive as we have seen in the past. I think it’s more about rust than injury though and we should see Kane hit full stride later in the series.


–Toews was Toews. As expected. Dominant in all three zones and on the dot. He played well, but he will need to elevate his game as well. Best players need to be your best players in the playoffs and he is ours. Great start, need more.

Read the rest of this entry »

By theChief posted April 18th, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Reader Email – Watch As A Couple Of Stoolies Take Down A Thief

Quite possibly the best reader email we've ever gotten.



This just happened yesterday at my family gas station. My old man caught some low life trying to steal a FourLoco. Thief tries to take off but he didn’t realize my dad is 1/16th Spider Monkey, he hops on Scumbag’s back and won’t let go. Then my younger brother and I come into scene. Guess the kid didn’t realize that I was  Sectional Qualifier for wrestling back in High School, pretty big deal in my town. Couple of cross faces and the ol’ chicken wing move and got his arms behind his back. Kid’s not going anywhere. I’ve seen too many episodes of cops… he was outmatched. He was in so much pain with my knees pushing into his neck and back. You know what kids used to say to the fat kid before a fight “What are you gonna do, sit on me?” Damn right, that’s all we have to do. One move to get you to the ground and the fight’s over. We’re just gonna crush you’re ribs to death and you’re done.

-Mark N.

-P.S. How bout my little brother just standing there the whole time. Kid’s stronger than me and didn’t do anything but hold the door open so i can get some fresh air I guess. Be an Athlete Bro.




This might be the best reader email I have ever gotten. The video, the email, all of it. Laugh out loud funny. Stoolie Justice coming through in a HUGE way. And it’s one thing to tell me that you did the old fat kid sitting on someone move but it’s another to actually have the proof to back it up. You can literally hear this stoolie say “Move Dad, I’m going to fucking sit on this guy”.





A+ work all around.  Guess he really didn’t realize you were Sectional Qualifier for wrestling back in High School. Rookie mistake.  





The most ridiculous part of this entire story is the fact that these guys are treating a $2.99 4Loko like a fucking brick of gold. Don’t you dare try to steal a penny from Mark N’s gas station, otherwise you’ll get sat on while his brother holds the door open for air.


By Big Cat posted April 18th, 2014 at 10:35 AM

China Is Now Trying To Get Rid Of All Porn On The Internet, Continues To Be Worst Place To Live In The World

What the fuck China



(Source) The new campaign appears to represent a further tightening of the screws, part of a bid to bend the Web to the will and values of the Communist Party — to ensure, in the words of blogger Zhang Jialong, that “party organs, and not the Chinese grass roots, have the loudest voice on the country’s Internet.” “As social conflicts intensify, particularly between Chinese officials and the people they are supposed to serve, central authorities hope to clamp down, clean up, and suppress any so-called ‘harmful information’ that is disadvantageous to their dictatorship,“ he wrote on the Tea Leaf Nation Web site. The drive, to “sweep out porn, strike at rumors,” will run from mid-April until November, the party’s news portal Seeking Truth declared this week. Chinese American investor and blogger (Charles) Xue Manzi embodies, in the Communist Party’s eyes, the twin evils of moral degeneracy and dissent — and the dangers of Western values.

His 14-minute confession for spreading rumors online and visiting prostitutes was broadcast on China Central Television on Wednesday to reinforce the campaign message, four hours after he was released on bail. Xue was arrested in August on charges of hiring a prostitute, and a first, similar confession was broadcast a few weeks later. “I lived in the United States for 34 years,” Xue said in this week’s confession, wearing a green prison vest and clutching a red-covered copy of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. “I think Western culture had a profound effect on me,” he said. “When it came to engaging in orgies, the alarm did not go off in my head.” Xue, whose liberal posts had won more than 12 million followers on the Sina Weibo microblogging site, also expressed regret about causing losses to a fish farm by posting that its water contained mercury.




For the first time ever I’m legitimately afraid of China. Why? Because no porn means only one thing, it means a bunch of pent up anger and pissed off chinese people looking to start a fight. You’ve seen it ten trillion times. When do most fights happen at the bar? Right around closing time when any guy who hasn’t picked up a girl looks around and realizes he struck out and has to go to the next option. A night at the bar ends in either sex, fight, or pizza and last I checked China has no pizza and now their government is taking away porn so basically their entire country is a bunch of  drunk meat heads at 2 am looking to show their machismo*.  Not a good scene for the rest of the world, not a good scene at all.





How about this blogger guy Xue


“I think Western culture had a profound effect on me,” he said. “When it came to engaging in orgies, the alarm did not go off in my head.”


Oh I’m sorry dude, you just had SO many orgies in America that it became second nature? Sick brag.




*Just kidding about the drunk part, chinese people can’t drink.


By Big Cat posted April 18th, 2014 at 9:40 AM

Rest In Peace “Pervert Dave”





CUMMINGS, David W. “Pervert Dave” 65, of Crystal River, passed away April 13, 2014. He was born on Sept. 28, 1949 to Charles and Helen Cummings in Rochester, NY. A veteran with the United States Air force, he moved to the area in 1989 from Clearwater. Dave loved motorcycles and riding with all of his brothers and sisters. He was an avid wood worker, loved animals and working with Paso Fino horses. He was preceded in death by his parents and his wife Morgan Cummings. Dave is survived by his siblings, Karen Baker and Keith Cummings; uncle, Hank Hrynko; his nieces, Kimberly Cummings and Toni Nicole Baker and nephew, Thomas W. Baker II. A memorial service for Dave will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 12 noon. Family will receive friends from 11 am until service time at noon Brown Funeral Home & Crematory in Lecanto. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in David’s name to the ASPCA or any other animal welfare organization. -

Well I’m equal parts confused and intrigued. I mean RIP Pervert Dave and all that stuff, feel bad for the family. But let’s get down to brass tacks. How do you get the name “Pervert Dave” and not let us know why in the obituary. That’s such an incredible nickname. Hey where’s Pervert Dave? I don’t know probably whittling his wood in his shop. Oh look there goes Pervert Dave riding his motorcycle with his brothers and sisters again, what a guy. Hey Pervert Dave, how are those Paso Fino horses coming along? These are all things that have been said in real life at some point and we don’t know why. Fucking Pervert Dave, what a legend.




Now that the name Pervert Dave is officially back on the market. Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end….




By Big Cat posted April 18th, 2014 at 9:01 AM
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