Journal Star - A teacher at Mossville Junior High and Elementary School was placed on paid administrative leave after being arrested Monday and accused of having sexual contact with a 16-year-old boy. Kayla M. Trueblood, 22, of 10306 Moss St. was booked on one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. She remained in custody Tuesday at the Peoria County Jail, awaiting her first court appearance. The minor was not a student taught by Trueblood, and the alleged abuse did not occur while Trueblood was acting in an official capacity, according to the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department.

But police believe at least one of the sexual acts occurred on school grounds after hours. Police said Trueblood remained cooperative throughout the investigation. She was taken to the Sheriff’s Department Monday afternoon for an interview and arrested thereafter. ”We were first made aware yesterday morning, and then we immediately called the Sheriff’s Department and brought them in,” said Nick Polyak, superintendent of Illinois Valley Central District 321.

Wait a second am I reading this right? This teacher who got arrested is 22 years old? I’m pretty sure there were kids who stuck around in my graduating class with the sole intention of lancing high school pussy that were like 3 years older than this bitch. And what’s a school doing hiring 22 year old teacher in the first place if they don’t half-expect them to try and bang the students? I mean am I crazy for thinking that’s obviously going to happen? This chick was probably in the same AP English class as these fuckers like 5 months ago. Who gives a shit if she tries to boil the clam every now and then. If I got hired as a 22 year old high school teacher I’d do the same thing. Go buy some Axe body spray, stick a carrot down my pants, sign up for detention duty and give those girls a lesson in disappointment and the necessity for low expectations.

Thanks Brad for the tip