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We have a rising star in our midst, gentlemen.  Over the past few months one commenter has stuck out to me above everyone else, and that commenter goes by the name “ayoungvinbaker”.  He consistently knocks comment after comment out of the park.  If it weren’t for him, this honestly may have been the worst comment section week ever.   I know I say that every week, but it really was true.  I swear to God I looked at EVERY SINGLE BLOG from Chicago this week trying to find the best comments for you guys.  Ayoungvinbaker literally had the best comment on like 50% of the blogs.  So to avoid redundancy and to get a decent blend of commenters, these are the best comments from me this week, including a comment section interaction with one of the best commenters in BSS history, VenerableAlfred.


For the newer Stoolies, Alfred was a commenter who claimed to be from England.  He would bash on commenters and America and it would launch people into all out assaults at him, and it was always hilarious.  Though I doubt he was actually from England, he’s one of the best trolls this site’s ever seen.  I think people hated him so much because he would call commenters names that were British insults and no one knew what they actually mean.

Blog: Guess that Ass


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Ulf Isabitch had literally no rebuttal for Alfred.  None.  RIP VenerableAlfred


Chicago’s Comments of the Week!

1. Firefighters Called After British Guy Gets His Dick Stuck in Toaster



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He has a point there Big Cat.

2. Guess that Ass

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The array of emotions on display in this comment is amazing.  Going from talking about drugs, to ebony porn, to committing suicide in four simple sentences.  I wonder if he followed through?

3. Friday Morning Rewind

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Apparently Big Cat is married to Cutler’s sister, so this has got to be how it went down, right?  And yes, everyone of us talks about gambling on sports when in fact 99% of us are wagering like 50 bucks a weekend and hardly breaking the bank.  I know it and you know it.

4. Gameday Invades Evanston

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Picture 11Not gonna lie, this one hit me where it hurts.  Jeez


*Comment of the Week*

Lebron Works Out With Chains? I Wonder Where He Got That Idea?


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Hands down the best comment not only of the week, but since I’ve been doing COTW.  Completely flipped the blog on the bloggers.  Bravo ayoungvinbaker, bravo.

That’s it for this week.  I hope all the bad things in the world happen to you, and nobody else but youuuu.