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Derrick Rose Said Some Incredibly Dumb Things Today, Which Really Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

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I’ve been running around in meetings all day and Spags just blogged this but thought I needed to at least comment. I actually appreciated Spags blog because it came from an outsiders perspective who isn’t following the day to day news of D-Rose and the Bulls. For me these quotes said one thing, and it was something I already knew. Derrick Rose is not a very smart person sometimes. Not saying he’s a moron, just saying he’s not great with the media, he doesn’t understand how things come across and he has quite possibly the worst “team” surrounding him at this point in his career (Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!).


Obviously this was dumb for him to say given the contract he’s being paid and the time he’s missed. It comes across as tone deaf to both the fans that root for him and the players he plays with. But I just can’t say I’m surprised. This is part of D-Rose life, this is part of being a Bulls fan. There will be dumb comments, there will be drama between Reggie and the front office, there will be injuries and problems. We know all of this. But the good? Well the good is when he’s right he’s one of the most exciting players in the NBA. There will be coast to coast drives, there will be plays that make you say wow, there will be wins and success. It’s the deal that we’ve signed up for. Derrick Rose is ours, sometimes that’s bad but a lot of times that’s good. You just have to remember to think big picture, throw that life is good shirt back on and say to yourself, yeah, this was fucking stupid for him to say, but he also did this last night and as long as he’s healthy we can live with the occasional stupid comment.




The only fallout I could see from this is with his teammates. I don’t care what fans think, I just want the Bulls to win. But if I were Jo, who has been playing with a bum knee for 2 years, or Jimmy Butler who just rushed back from a thumb injury, I’d be pissed. My hope and expectation is that D-Rose has enough of a relationship with those guys to make this a non-issue. I think that’s a reasonable expectation knowing we’re not in the locker room and they are.

By Big Cat posted November 11th, 2014 at 4:32 PM

Derrick Rose Says He Sits Out Because He Wants To Go To His Son’s Graduation, Not Out Of Concern For The Bulls

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I see no way this won’t end with Derrick Rose being drawn and quartered every time he sits a game out but, on the other hand, it is kind of refreshing to see an athlete be honest about the whole thing. Yes some guys are passionate enough that they want to play through concussions in the NHL or NFL even when it’s obviously not for their own long-term good. And yes some guys like Kobe Bryant love basketball (perhaps moreso shooting the basketball in Kobe’s case) so much that he’d play with one leg if he were able to get out on the floor. But Derrick Rose just isn’t that guy and at least he’s starting to be up front about it. He doesn’t want to be one of those guys hobbling around at 40 because he rode his body too hard in exchange for athletic conquest. It sucks but it’s real and the battle between an athlete’s body’s needs versus its wants are something the NFL’s concussion lawsuit struggles really brought to life for a lot of guys. The candor from Rose is more than you can get from most of the guys in professional sports these days.



That said when your achievements as a basketball player in your first few years were so great that you’re being paid on a contract special enough that they named a clause in the collective bargaining agreement for you, the move might be to just go through the motions, collect your untold tens of millions of dollars, and shut the fuck up while trying to play as often as possible at a high level. There’s a case to be made for both sides.



And here’s a bonus Big Cat To Go take on the issue because Big Cat Withdrawal is a serious medical issue that I will not be liable for.


By chris spags posted November 11th, 2014 at 3:40 PM

Pat Sajak Getting Disgusted With Shitty ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Guesses Is A Real TV Moment



Pat Sajak did his little walk off the set like it was a joke but Sajak’s been doing this for DECADES and you just know it kills a piece of his soul to see people this bad at what’s one of the easiest games on TV. Played his disgust off like the pro he is but there’s no way he wasn’t legitimately disappointed. Seriously look at this face when the camera was barely on him:


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That is unquestionably a man who is not happy with this group of idiots. Decent chance he’d slap one of the flowers off those women on the left’s heads if he had his post-work scotch in his belly.



Also haven’t watched much Wheel of Fortune lately but is there a particular moment Pat Sajak decided to style his hair after Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or was it a gradual adjustment?


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(h/t Isaac)

By chris spags posted November 11th, 2014 at 2:55 PM

Guy Interrupted Black TV Host’s Campaign Against N-Bombs On Twitter With An A+ Deez Nuts Joke

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Roland Martin is a host for TVOne — apparently “Where Black Life Unfolds” — and decided he was going to go on a festival of blocks to show the Twitter trolls that he will not accept people dropping n-bombs in his timeline. Unfortunately, when you’ve got almost 300K followers like this dude does and are just replying to anyone and everyone, eventually someone is going to spoil the “block party.”






Other than the fact that announcing you’re blocking someone (or unfollowing someone for that matter) is the biggest hardo move on social media, I kind of feel bad for Ro-ro here. He’s just out there trying to enlighten the masses, thought he saw someone on his side, got caught up in the moment and ended up getting curved by a guy with a really great and accurate Twitter handle. Don’t give up, Roland. You think Rosa Parks gave up the first time someone dropped a “deez nuts” on her when she was fighting oppression and ineffective bus seating assignments? You’re a warrior for social change, out there on the front lines beating down years of racial injustice and misappropriation with the power of a social media action only you can see. I believe in you, man, together we can fight the system…one mouse click at a time.



(via @daniecal)

By chris spags posted November 11th, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Dude Casually Stealing A Chainsaw By Shoving It Down His Pants Is Just Asking For Trouble



This crime happened a few weeks back in Florida but the video just got released. Initial reports said that the thief, Anthony Ballard, had shoved the chainsaw up his shirt and attempted to make a getaway which is dumb enough on its own. But the fact this dude shoved the chainsaw BLADE FIRST into his pants…that’s some next level criminal shit that I can’t even wrap my head around. Drugs, rent, more drugs, whatever you’re planning on stealing this to sell it for, life can’t be that bad that you go around recklessly shoving chainsaws down your pants at high speeds. Good rule of thumb: If there’s a horror movie series based around a psychopath murdering people with the dangerous item you’re trying to steal, don’t put it in your pants.



Honestly, this guy shouldn’t even go to jail for this. Things should revert to some Hobbes natural law shit if you’re willing to shove a chainsaw down your pants. That’s just criminal courage you can’t argue with in my book.



UPDATE: So apparently there are covers on chainsaws and I was entirely unaware as I’ve grown up in NYC and lived in LA and never seen a chainsaw in person. Joke’s on me right? WRONG. You think I’m trusting some company’s cover next to my tender and delicate genitals? No fucking chance. Here’s some dude he says he worked in logging to back me up:




Verdict: Both uncovered and covered chainsaws should not be shoved in your pants.



(via @MentalityMag)

By chris spags posted November 11th, 2014 at 1:10 PM

How About Lorde Here Trying To Stop The World From An Eyeful Of Jennifer Lawrence Nip Slip?



South Park thought they were being subversive by implying that Lorde is actually a guy in disguise but now I’m not so sure. You know the kind of person who responds to an A-list Hollywood celebrity’s nip slip by going “Hey, you might want to put that thing away?” The kind of person who was definitely peeping all of Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked photos. I don’t care who you are, even if you’re the nicest teenage New Zealander to rise to fame through bubblegum pop rap, nobody is seeing the most famous woman in the world’s nipple and responding by saying “No thank you please cover up” unless they’re intimately familiar with the most granular details of Jennifer Lawrence’s jugs. It’s like passing on a chance to view aurora borealis or the Loch Ness monster. You think you’re so fucking slick, Lorde, but I’m onto you. Not sneaking this one by the Sheriff, no chance.



PS Jennifer Lawrence’s “Oh come the fuck on, again?” face in that photo in the first tweet…I feel for her, gotta admit.



By chris spags posted November 11th, 2014 at 11:37 AM

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Video Is A Good Reminder Of What Matters For Veterans Day



It’s become trite for people to thank our veterans on a day like today without really knowing what their sacrifices mean to us. But in 2014, our veterans are the closest bond we have to what America’s core values that we sometimes lose sight of. These are men and women who willingly give a piece of themselves in the name of country and doing what’s right for the United States.


Our country is in a weird spot right now; our economy is built around the market caps of businesses with little sustainable value, kids aren’t working as hard as they used to because they’ve never known anything but prosperity, everyone bathes in outrage rather than focusing on the things that bring us together. But our soldiers fight for us in spite of all of that. Disagree with foreign policy and US military intervention all you want but the people who make up our American armed forces are the backbone of our nation. They defend everything Americans are as well as everything Americans are not, the kind of unconditional love we don’t deserve but they’re good enough to give us anyway. Even the ones who are lucky enough to not get deployed sleep in tents, get physically and emotionally beaten up, and spend countless months and years away from their families. Each soldier may sign up for his or her own reasons but, for many, pride in America is what makes them put on their boots and fatigues to go to work every single day on behalf of all of us.


That’s why we look to the dogs. They know the sacrifice their soldier humans have given and they adore them as much as we all should because of it. No politics, no tweets for attention, no selfish motivations. Just genuine love and appreciation for these people who are fortunate enough to return home and hopefully reap the spoils of being an American that we all enjoy daily. That’s what Veterans Day is about.


So sincerely, thank you to all our U.S. military veterans and God bless America.

By chris spags posted November 11th, 2014 at 10:50 AM

The Bears May Be A Dumpster Fire But Derrick Rose Is Officialy Back (Until He Hurts Himself And Isn’t Back Again)


Like a couple of dogs looking for a tennis ball that was never thrown


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We’re in LA for the week on business so I missed the game and had to catch up online and I’ll admit, I’ve watched that first video about 2o times already this morning. Still can’t get over the ball control and hang time. D-Rose is officially back suckers. Yeah this may only be a temporary back but right now he’s back. And like I said at the beginning of the season it’s time to take a new approach to D-Rose. I’m done worrying about him all the time, just accept that he will probably miss a bunch of games for various ailments, hope none are season ending, and enjoy him whenever he’s fully healthy. It’s our “Life Is Good” approach. So throw on that t-shirt and dip your toes into the sand because D-Rose is back and looking great (for one night in November against the Pistons).



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By Big Cat posted November 11th, 2014 at 10:05 AM
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