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It Appears As Though We Have Now Lost Casey Kasem’s Body


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(source) The late Casey Kasem’s body is missing, more than a month after the radio icon’s death, according to his daughter. A spokesperson for Kerri Kasem confirmed to ABC News that the legend’s adult children have yet to see his body. Kasem died on June 15 at 82 years old after suffering from a form of dementia. An autopsy has also not been performed yet, the family said. Jean Kasem denied to ABC News that his body is missing.

Jean Kasem, the radio personality’s second wife, had been embroiled in a conflict with his children from a previous marriage over her husband’s medical care for months before he died. She collected the body within 72 hours of his death. Kerri Kasem was informed Thursday that Kasem’s body was no longer at the mortuary, where it remained for a month. Gaffney Mortuary also confirms that Kasem is no longer in their care.



3 months ago if you asked me who Casey Kasem was I would’ve mentioned Saved by the Bell or American Top 40. A famous guy you know is famous but don’t really think about very often. Well this is just a little story of how life can change in an instant. How a guy you don’t give a fuck about can first get lost on an Indian Reservation, then die, then have his body stolen. Happened just like that. And now instead of oh yeah, I remember Casey Kasem, it’s “we are dangerously close to having Casey Kasem’s ghost haunt all of our lives and be super pissed at anyone who didn’t actively try to find his kidnapped body”. So my point is this, if you’ve seen a month old dead body anywhere, tell someone. We can’t have this thing go on much longer. Bad voodoo city.



You’ve got to be a real sick fuck to kidnap a dead body. Guarantee the person who did is sleeping in the same bed as Casey and talking to him like he’s alive. That’s just how dead body people roll.

By Big Cat posted July 19th, 2014 at 9:25 AM

Here’s What It Looks Like When A 5-9 Tennis Player Hugs A 6-11 Tennis Player

Ya know, just in case you were wondering, that’s what it looks like.  Now you have that mental image and you’ll have it forever.  I have no idea what tournament this is at.  How much would it suck to be super short?  Obviously the other guy is 6-11 so pretty much every body looks short next to him but  5-9 is still kind of short.  At least it seems like this guy has embraced his shortness with the whole chair thing.  Smart.  Super smart.  Embrace the things that make you look like a weirdo so it disarms the people who want to make fun of you for it.  That’s a good life lesson for anybody really.

By trent posted July 18th, 2014 at 4:26 PM

Instagram Heat Check Of The Day

By t bone posted July 18th, 2014 at 3:35 PM

LeBron Posts A Picture On Instagram Of Him Wearing Two Cavs Jerseys And Asks “6 Or 23?”

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Can we not, LeBron?  Can we please not?  Pick a fucking number and move on.  Let’s not turn this into a thing.  You’re currently in everybody’s good graces at the moment and rightfully so.  You announced that you’re heading back to Cleveland to make amends with where you came from and win a title for a city that desperately needs one.  It was as classy as it gets.  Class class class.  Class all the way.  So please, pick a number already so the NBA can start printing jerseys for all of the Cavalier fans who burned theirs on the first go around.


Actually decent logic from this guy.  There ya go, LBJ.  Decision made.  #6 it is.

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By trent posted July 18th, 2014 at 2:50 PM

What Happens When You Get Rich And Have Nothing Left To Buy? You Bid On The World’s Largest Piece Fossilized Dinosaur Shit

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Mirror- The world’s longest dinosaur poo is up for grabs. The fossilised faeces is anywhere from 5.3 to 33.9 million years old and is an eye-watering 40 inches long. Found in Washington State, the giant dung is expected to reach £4,700 to £5,800 when it goes under the hammer next week. The lack of vast amounts of fossilised dinosaur faeces has baffled scientists for years. However, Slovakian researchers believe the answer lies in the diet of cockroaches, which might have dined on dinosaur waste millions of years ago. However, research has failed to reveal what dinosaur the excrement originated from. “This truly spectacular specimen is possibly the longest example of coprolite – fossilised dinosaur feces – ever to be offered at auction,” said Josh Chait, spokesman for the auctioneer in Beverly Hills. “It boasts a wonderfully even, pale brown-yellow colouring and terrifically detailed texture to the heavily botryoidal [globular] surface across the whole of its immense length.

What a life rich people live, huh?  Very few people reach the point in life where they’re so rich and have so many material items that when fossilized dinosaur shit becomes available in an auction they say, “I MUST HAVE IT.  IT MUST BE MINE.”  Then again, this is the largest piece of dinosaur shit in the world so it does have a unique value.  This isn’t some small shit from a vegetarian salad that a stegosaurus ate.  This is the probably the shit of a T-Rex who ate a whale and washed it down with another whale.  Name a better way to make your other rich friends jealous than to tell them you own the largest piece of dinosaur shit on earth, you can’t.  Because I imagine being rich is a lot like being normal where you secretly compete with your friends to see who has the coolest stuff.  It’s just when you’re rich those things become multiple Bentley’s instead of who has nicer clothes or the bigger TV.  I’d say owning the biggest piece of dinosaur shit is unbeatable since there’s only one.

PS- It was a big letdown that the people who put together those pieces of dinosaur shit to auction off (there’s a group of words I never thought I’d type but here we are) didn’t give us a reference point.  That super long piece of shit could be the length of a ruler or the length of a school bus.  Help us out at least.

By trent posted July 18th, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Chinese Dude Refuses To Let His Mom Visit Her Grandchildren Because He Says She Is Too Ugly

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Daily Mail- A heartbroken Chinese mother claims her only son refuses to see her any more because he thinks she is ‘too ugly’. Ding Liang, 63, was found crying in the street in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China after travelling for five hours to try to meet her newborn grandchild. She had lugged a carrying pole with bags of clothes and presents for the baby in the hope that her son might have a change of heart when she arrived. But after he refused to answer his phone and because she did not know exactly where he lived, she was forced to leave in tears, taking the gifts back home with her. Ding was spotted standing outside a housing complex by 53-year-old local man Hsin Pai, who was so shocked by her story that he called the local TV station, which turned up to interview her. She told them that she was from a village outside Yuyao, a city in the same Chinese province as Hangzhou and that she had been very proud of her son and only child when he had done well at school and got a place at university.

First things first.  Is that guy’s Mom pretty ugly?  Yeah she is.  Really ugly.  Those teeth.  That hair cut.  Not great.  The pearl necklace and flower patterned dress are pretty stylish but everything else about her is flat ugly.  Hard to deny the guy’s claim that she’s ugly when she is.  But here’s the thing, we don’t get to pick and choose our family.  Not entirely I guess.  Sure we all have members of our family who we do just about everything possible to avoid them.  Like drug addicted cousins or unemployed drunk uncles or grandparents who think it’s still the 1800′s and it’s okay to drop racial slurs at the dinner table during conversation.  Each of those is actually pretty easy to avoid.  Never get on Facebook, never answer their calls/texts or wait for them to die.  Simple.  Eventually they’ll just give up and stop trying/you’ll be at their funeral.  But your own mother?  Come on dude.  Don’t be a dick.  Let her see her grandchildren.  Just because you made it out of the slums and graduated college doesn’t mean you get to shun the person who pushed your bulbous head out of her vagina a few years ago.  It means the opposite.  It means you have to be grateful of your roots and allow your super ugly Mom to visit your kids.  Show some damn respect one time.

By trent posted July 18th, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Update On Our Vacation In Miami – Little Swimming, Little Drinking And A Whole Lot Of Bikinis



FUN few days you guys. What did we do? Well you know, the usual


Little bikini time



Little drinking on the beach during the day.  Total Bad Betch Move.





More beach



Even more beach time




Some fucking loser held tash up in the ocean, probably has a tiny dick.




More Ocean time



Bikini City



And finally the Paparazzi totally caught us looking hot. Can’t even believe it.

10 9



Until next time….

By Big Cat posted July 18th, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Barstool Rundown July 17th

By Big Cat posted July 18th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
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